Desitin Arzneimittel GmbH: The Company

CNS in Focus - People in Mind


The company Desitin Arzneimittel GmbH is active on international (Germany, Switzerland, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe) level. At our Hamburg plant we produce sophisticated products for the treatment of neurological and psychiatric illnesses and offer a large number of established and innovative products, especially for our core indications epilepsy and Parkinson's syndrome.


The optimisation of pharmacotherapy through continuous development and in cooperation with other future-oriented companies, e.g. diseases of the central nervous system, is one of Desitin's main areas of activity and investment.


Ongoing training and scientific information as well as cooperation with the treating physicians and centres are our company's further contribution to long-term treatment success for neurological-psychiatric diseases.


We regard ourselves as a partner for physicians, pharmacists and patients as well as their families and provide extensive service as product support. Our highly specialised field staff as well as our medical employees provide the physicians with expert and competent assistance.


We also regard ourselves as advocates to patients suffering from epilepsy and Morbus Parkinson in order to protect them from negative effects on their diagnosis and treatment during changes in public health care. In this regard we seek and find dialogue with cost payers and health ministers in order to increase their understanding of the special requirements of these CNS illnesses.